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Injured in an auto accident ?

You are hurt and don't know where seek help ?

The majority of people involved in an auto accident or other traumatic event which causes injury to them, have never suffered such horrible experience before. You need medical treatment as soon as possible, at the same time you are concerned about paying expensive doctor bills. If you don’t have health insurance, finding a doctor can be overwhelming. These are the most common complaints that we, have heard and also the exact reason accident victims use our services and resources.


Luckily you’ve found us. LMR network specializes in facilitating medical treatment of injuries that were caused in an accident. We make numerous medical specialties and locations available to you. We will work hard with you and your attorney. You will have access to the right medical provider for your injury whether it is an orthopaedist, neurosurgeon or pain management physician. Also available are diagnostics, physical therapy on Lien and surgery. These doctors will not seek payment at the time of service; we will work with your attorney for payment through your case.


If you’ve been hurt in an accident and don’t know where to turn for help, please call us to find doctor accessibility in your area. Let us help you make your road to recovery a smooth one.


When you utilize the services of LMR Network you will have access to highly qualified physicians and therapists. In addition to orthopaedic surgeons, we also network other medical specialists available for your initial evaluation and documenting a complete medical history. The physician you meet with will document your current medical condition and develop a comprehensive medical treatment plan which may include physical therapy and pain management to address injuries that resulted from your accident.


One of the first things your physician may order for you is comprehensive diagnostics, such as MRI, CAT scan, EMG or other studies. MRI or other imaging will allow the physician to identify or exclude suspected injured body parts.

Physical Therapy on Lien

Physical therapy on Lien may be an integral part of your treatment. Physical therapy on Lien might be performed for a period of several weeks and a very important component to your recovery. Your therapy will be a customized program specifically designed for your condition and to enable you to regain the strength, flexibility and range of motion for everyday tasks.

Pain Management

Not all injuries require surgery initially. In some cases after you have had your evaluation the physician may recommend more conservative treatment. One of the most common treatments is pain management. This may entail a series of three sessions where you would see a pain management specialist and who would administer a series of epidural injections over a short period of time to see how your body responds. In other words, to lessen your pain. If your pain does not decrease significantly, you may be sent back to your physician to re-evaluate your condition.


If you have been involved in an accident and suffered injuries, there is a possibility your physician may recommend surgery to properly treat your injuries. LMR Network makes caring surgeons available to provide the highest level of care to you. All of these surgeons are highly skilled, versed in the latest surgical techniques and privileged at a hospital or surgical center and all on a lien basis.